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The Hoof Glue
2 Cartridge variants same glue 200 Ml
1 Cartridge 15 € EX VAT 1 Mix Tip 0,80 € EX VAT
Cutting Blade 14X14X2 mm For testing it is best to order each variety and see it Which variety fits best in a pack of 10 ! 4 Variety 1,50 Ex VAT Peace SM1This is the hardest type and therefore has the greatest wear resistance.But it is also the most brittle variety with the highest risk of chipping on the cutting edge. SM2 This is a good universal grade with a good balance between hardness (thus wear-resistant) and toughness or flexural strength. SM3 This is the softest variety and therefore not as wear-resistant, but it is also the toughest variety and therefore forgives blows to the cutting edge. SM4 This is probably the best variety for your application. With a medium hardness but with the highest flexural strength and a good one Toughness, the cutting edge will probably stay sharp the longest here.
Wraps 10 cm x 4,5 m Streched 100 Peace 100 € whit out VAT
User Manual Hoof Glue
Instructions for use for the hoof glue Before using the hoof glue, please read the instructions for use! You can use the hoofglue 200 Ml in the matching dispensing gun  • Prepare the cow hoo for the hoof glue for gluing the hoof should be clean and dry! • Insert the cartridge into the dispensing gun. • Remove the cover and screw on the mixing tip. • Hold the dispensing gun with the tip up and start pushing. Press out the hoof glue  on the dry and clean wooden block or the hoof . The amount of hoofglue you need always  depends on the nature of the hoof to which you want to glue the block. Flat hoofs  require very little adhesive, hoofs with a large modeling for example need more adhesive  to guarantee adhesion. • After pressing the gun, press the release latch. • You now have 3-5 seconds for the hoof glue to begin to harden. You now have to  attach the block with light pressure on the hoof and no longer move it. There should  be a layer of glue between the hoof and the wooden block. 3 mm would be ideal! • Fix the block with your finger for approx. 10 seconds to prevent slipping. • Depending on the outside temperature, the glue needs time to dry. As soon as you  can no longer press your fingernail into the hoof glue, the block is ready to be  loaded.  The optimal using and storage temperature for the glue is between 20-30° Celzius
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